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Living Dolls

15-year-old Venus Palermo became an internet sensation thanks to her bizarre YouTube video tutorials offering tips to girls wanting to turn themselves in to 'living dolls'.

Schoolgirl Venus, from Brixton in South West London, lives as a doll every day and hits for her step-by-step videos now total more than 30 million, with one video - How To Look Like A Doll - attracting almost 5m viewers.

But in a television interview this week the petite teenager and her mother insist that although she chooses to dress like a doll she is a normal girl with normal friends and that it is just an innocent hobby.

Appearing on Polish TV with her mother Margaret Palermo, Venus revealed that she loves maths and said: 'I have many different friends, some that follow my style, but others that like hop hop and normal stuff.  It makes me really happy that I am able to inspire so many people.'

Many of those viewing the videos are rapturous about the young girl's appearance, taking to the comments boards in their droves to remark upon her wide eyes, clever make-up application or rose-bud lips.

Others are damning, with one pointing out that a 15-year-old girl should have more concerns than an obsession with make-up.

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