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Steel / Metal Trusses

Steel / metal trusses offer:

  • Design flexibility – curves and straight lines are both easily accommodated
  • Low total cost of build (machine through put, assembly (labour and time) and transport costs) allowing for better margins especially compared to welding and timber methods
  • Production speeds of up to 700 lineal metres of trusses per hour
  • Inherent strength, allowing greater span distances than wood
  • Resistance to termites
  • Do not warp, shrink or swell
  • High recyclability and minimal raw material waste
  • Efficient and quick assembly helping maintain margins and meet deadlines
  • Ease of use for low skilled labourers during assembly
  • Ideal for highly repeatable, mass production designs – such as volume home builders, social / government housing, low rise commercial buildings, workforce accommodation etc
  • Consistent and accurate output with low rework
  • Sub-contractors can use many of the same tools as they would for alternative building materials
  • Light weight and durable

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