Magnesium Oxide Board

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Fiber reinforced Magnesium Oxide Board:
Fiber reinforced MGO board is a kind of green panel with fireproof and waterproof performance. The fireproof grade is A1, It is especially suitable for the place with high demands of fire protection. it's suitable for a wide range of surface treatments,such as overlay, wallpape, painting and veneering.
Width:up to 1220mm
Length: up to 3200mm
Thickness: 5mm—20mm
Typical Features:
1.        Energy-saving and environmental-friendly
2.        Fireproof:Grade A1
3.        Light-weight & high-intensity
4.        Moisture-resistant
5.        Sound&heat insulation
6.        Good toughness
7.        Termite-repellent, durable
8.        A wide range of surface treatments
9.        Easy to install

Main applications:
1.Decorative plate substrate
2.Furniture material
3.Fireproof door, partitions
4.interior and exterior wall panel
5.Office blocks, malls, museums, entertainment places, hotels
6.Cluster housing, reinforced high-rise buildings
7.Theaters, audio rooms, laboratories
8.Bathrooms, toilets
9.Factory building
Test report:
1.         Physical property test report
2.         Fire resistance test report

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